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Vibracrete Walls

& Extensions


Vibracrete walls are structurally secure and made of reinforced concrete to withstand seasonal weather conditions and to ensure a longer life span. Very little maintenance is required over its life span making it a cost-effective solution to perimeter enclosure/boundary walls. Quick to install with minimal impact on your garden and property. Vibracrete walls comes in an assortment of finishes and colours that are adaptable to meet your budget and preferences.

□ Versatile in providing both security and privacy to your property.

□ Low maintenance.

□ Vibracrete walls can be extended to any required height, can be used in conjunction with palisade fencing and accommodate spikes for added security.

□ Paintable to match your colour of choice. The most common colour range: tan, cement grey

□ Finishes :Plain / Brick / Rustic / Pebble / Flat Rustic

□ Post heights ranges include: 1.8m, 2.1m and 2.4m

□ Panel width of 1440mm.

Our trained team is able to assist with installations, extensions and repairs/replacement of damaged vibracrete walls.

Need installation of a quick, quality, affordable precast walling product that is designed for maximum visual appeal?

Request a quote.

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