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Electrical Fencing


Electric fencing is a cost effective way of adding an active layer of protection with minimum changes to your existing infrastructure.


The system works by sending a high-voltage electrical pulse around a multi-wire perimeter electric fence. The power can reach up to 10,000 volts. Coupled with an electrical shock being the main deterrent to intruders, the sensors on the wires also acts as a warning mechanism by triggering the alarm system when an intruder touches or cut a live wire.


This active perimeter protection enables occupants to secure themselves before they come into contact with intruders. Suitable for homeowners and businesses.

□ Electrified fencing is powered by an Energiser. Our energisers are SABS approved, robustly designed and manufactured from top quality materials and have proven to be extremely reliable. Energisers comes with a backup battery in the event of a power cut.

□ Electric fencing can be linked to your existing security service provider.

□ Our systems are tailored to meet your security requirements from single to more complex multi zone installations done by our certified team. All our installations come with a Certificate of Compliance (COC ).

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