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Razor Wire & Fence

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Razor Wire


Looking for increased security? We also install Razor Wire.

Very effective with high tensile steel reinforced band for maximum strength. Very difficult to cut due to lipped sides which pushes pliers out. Longer sharper blades to overcome blanket situation. Allows for vicious cuts and it is very risky to try and penetrate. Razor-wire fencing offers good protection from intruders and animals at a very low cost and easy to be installed and maintained.

Installation Methods:

□ Tied directly to an existing fence, allowing half to protrude above the fence line and the other half against the fence.

□ Installed by means of erecting a bracket every 3m with 2 or 3 lines of horizontal strand wire or barbed wire depending on the size of razor-wire you required. 

Razor-Wire Sizes:

□ Flatwrap razor-wire: 500mm, 700mm and 900mm

□ Consertina razor-wire; manufactured diameter: 450mm, 730mm

     & 980mm

□ Razor ripper: 500mm & 700mm width.

Suitable for:
□ Pre-cast/concrete walling       □ Palisade fencing           □ Brick walling

□ Steel fences            □ Roofs and borders        □ Diamond mesh fences


Legally all razor wire must be installed at a minimum height of 1.5m.

Razor wire image 1.png
Razor wire image 1.png
Razor wire image 1.png
Razor Wire & Fence

Barbed Wire

Razor Wire Flat Wrap

Razor Wire Concertina

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Concertina razor barbed wire fence

We also install Concertina razor barbed wire fence which is a kind of fence product made by welding razor barbed wire together. Same as Concertina razor barbed wire, this kind of fence is densely covered with razors making climbing extremely challenging. The steel wire in the razor barbed wire makes the fence very hard to be cut. Highly suitable for farms, factory warehouses and other areas requiring high security.

Product Features:

□ Low cost

□ Good prevention effect

□ Easy for installation

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Razor wire image 1.png
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