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Betafence is a high quality rigid fencing solution that is versatile to a wide range of applications. Most popular with residential, security estates, commercial, sports facilities and open spaces.


ClearView Fencing Panels

ClearView panels are engineered in collaboration with design experts and has been strength tested by the Defence Agency making it a premium choice in high strength perimeter fencing.


Palisade Fencing

Palisade fencing is designed to provide a formidable long lasting barrier against intrusion. A cost effective perimeter fencing solution that is highly adaptable and functional making it a popular choice across various applications.


Vibracrete Walls

& Extensions

Vibracrete walls are structurally secure and made of reinforced concrete to withstand seasonal weather conditions and to ensure a longer life span.


Electrical Fencing

Electric fencing is a cost effective way of adding an active layer of protection with minimum changes to your existing infrastructure. The system works by sending a high-voltage electrical pulse around a multi-wire perimeter electric fence.

Storm Fence Panels 2.jpg

Storm Fence Panels

Storm fence panels offer a high level of security with an unobstructed view. Storm fencing panels can be easily and quickly installed and can be used in a variety of applications.


Gates and Automation

In the high-risk environment of today, the automation of gates is no longer a luxury. Gates supplied by Matrix Fencing are made for your exacting specifications. Our services also include gate repairs.


Welded Mesh Fencing

Welded mesh fencing is strong and durable, making it an affordable option in perimeter security solutions for Residential, Commercial, Parks & Recreation areas and Schools in areas where external risk factors are low.


Wooden Fencing

Wooden fencing is a popular choice if you are looking for perimeter security or that added privacy that blends with your natural surroundings. All our wooden fence panels are custom made to suit your needs.

Razor Wire & Fence

Razor Wire

Looking for increased security? We also install Razor Wire. Very effective with high tensile steel reinforced band for maximum strength. Very difficult to cut due to lipped sides which pushes pliers out.



Spikes are a good deterrent against intruders from getting their hands onto the top of your wall, pulling themselves up and sliding their bodies over the wall to enter your property. 

Diamond Mesh Fencing.png

Diamond Mesh Fencing

Diamond mesh is primarily used as a boundary fence for domestic and commercial applications that require low level security. Offers a cost effective solution for gardens, construction areas, mines and farms in general.

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