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Matrix Fencing Cape Betafence

Betafence is a high quality rigid fencing solution that is versatile to a wide range of applications. Most popular with residential, security estates, commercial, sports facilities and open spaces.


Panels comes in an assortment of heights that uses Bekafix secure posts/square tubular posts that holds each panel using a unique discrete fixing system.

A fencing solution that combines, versatility, rigidity, longevity, function and style while giving an aesthetic appeal to any property. Perimeter security with an unobstructed view from the inside & outside of your property.

Panels and posts comes in a range of colors that is aesthetically appealing.

The Betaview, Betaview25 and Nylofor Medium Betafence solutions come with a 10 Year Guarantee.

Colour Options:

      Moss Green


Security Features:


Betafence provides for various wire thickness combinations, depending on the level of security required ranging from medium security for residential to high security for commercial applications.

Due to its uniquely designed system, installation is fast and efficient.

Small apertures renders climbing and cutting through almost impossible.

Accommodates security ad-ons (Electric fence, CCTV, Spikes).

Betafence product.jpg
product graphic.png
Betaview Colours_edited_edited.png
Betaview Security
Nyloflor Medium Colours_edited.png
Nyloflor Medium Security Level_edited.png
product graphic.png
Betaview25 Colours_edited.png
Betaview25 Security Level_edited.png
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